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I am a firm believer that knowledge is power.  It's extremely important for you to know exactly who you'd be working with and what level of service you could expect.


CrackerjackPA is an exciting new venture by me, Carla Morana.  I am an experienced and first class personal assistant who has worked at senior board level within the financial industry in the City of London for virtually all of my career, so I am very used to extremely long hours in a high pressure environment, not only that: I actually enjoyed it.  The nature of this industry meant that I have developed an extensive office skill set.  The very highest of standards and commitment were always demanded and it's this training that helped me throughout both my professional and personal life.


I took a career break a few years ago to complete my family, during which time and in partnership with my partner I set up a successful TV filming company.  Whilst I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities and challenges this presented it was a conscious decision for me to hand the day-to-day running over to my partner in order for me to return to what I missed and have always loved; personal assistance.


Personal assistance is so much more than secretarial support.  For my bosses I became their right-hand woman and often their principal decision maker when they were away from the office.  I was frequently privy to extremely sensitive business and personal information so I have always held discretion and confidentiality in high regard.  I expect the highest of standards from anyone that works with or for me and I naturally demand those same standards from myself.  Despite this I have a warm, friendly and relaxed manner and have always thoroughly enjoyed cultivating business friendships and building trust.  I love to see a job done well and get immense satisfaction from delivering a project completed to a high standard and in a timely fashion.


Naturally, I look forward to growing my business but it will never be a 'rack 'em and stack 'em' service.  We take only a select number of clients so we may give the very best service without any compromise.  From ad-hoc to ongoing support CrackerjackPA want to offer you the type of support that you'll wonder how you ever managed without.


Who would I be working with?

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