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How can you help me?

We offer a bespoke service, tailored specifically to you and your needs; Whether it be business support, private personal assistance or lifestyle management we've done everything from helping with wedding arrangements, organising holidays and celebration cakes to arranging complex itineraries for multi-country client roadshows, compiling 200-page marketing portfolios for multi-million pound investment deals and pretty much everything in between. We've even arranged an exclusive luxury celebration on the River Thames that required the raising of London Bridge - very special.


Personal assistance can come in all shapes and sizes, and ways in which we can help are only limited by your imagination.  Should you need business support, personal assistance or both please explore our suggestions to give you some ideas of ways in which you can delegate your tasks to us.  


Perhaps you will find exactly what you're looking for, or maybe they will ignite an idea for other ways in which we can assist.  Our service lists are meant to inspire and are by no means exhaustive...

Business Support

Growing your business is an exciting next step for many companies or individuals, and watching all that hard work pay off is so incredibly rewarding. However, growth usually comes hand-in-hand with an increase in activity, workload and often overheads.  Before you consider the financial outlay of employing additional staff consider how CrackerjackPA can help...


We can assist with any executive assistance, general office support or personal assistance tasks that can be so time consuming for you, and such a distraction from actually getting on with what you really want to do; run your business!


We can help with everything from travel itineraries, diary management, conference and event organisation, project management and everything in between.  You'll be hard pushed to find something we can't take off your hands.


We can even act as your Executive Assistant; someone to whom you can delegate management level projects and decision making, becoming as fully integrated into your business as you'd like.  Perhaps you need someone to help get an idea off the ground or keep things ticking smoothly while you're away from the office.


  • No commitment - expand your team without the overheads

  • Choice of flexible pricing options

  • Reduce your workload and increase your productivity

  • Professionalise your business

  • Get organised

  • Give your business UK presence

  • 24/365 emergency assistance

  • Fully insured


Please click here for some suggestions of ways in which we can help. Remember, these are only ideas and we encourage you to give us a call with any tasks that may not be on the list - you may be suprised what we can do...

Lifestyle Management & Private PA


Employing the services of a Private PA to assist with your personal and family life has become an increasingly popular addition to busy homes. However, it can be a costly outlay and commitment.  That's where CrackerjackPA magically appear in a puff of sparkly smoke...


Think of us as a one-stop-shop to help you run all parts of your life more smoothly, more efficiently and ultimately give you more time to do the things you love.  We can assist with all aspects of your personal life from house sitting and managing tradespeople and quotations, to helping you plan your wedding or house move and sourcing gifts.  Imagine us as another 'you'; those extra pair of hands to help you run your busy life and achieve the very best out of your time.  Ad-hoc, emergency out-of-hours assistance or regular on-going support; we can help with whatever you need and whenever you need it.


Our service is discreet, confidential and trusted.  This means that regardless if you are in the public eye, a high profile executive or a busy family we will never disclose details concerning your life or the tasks we undertake on your behalf.  You and your privacy are our priority.  Always.


We can offer a cost efficient, flexible solution, meaning that we can be there whenever you need us and gone when you don't.  This means that you only pay for the time you use.


  • No commitment

  • Fully insured

  • Friendly and personable

  • Nothing is too much trouble


  • 24/365 emergency assistance

  • Organise your life

  • Choice of flexible pricing options

  • Manage your personal and business lives together



A sample list of ways we can help can be found here.  However, as always these are meant purely as suggestions and we welcome you to be creative with your requests...

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