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Business Support

Growing your business is an exciting next step for many companies or individuals, and watching all that hard work pay off is so incredibly rewarding. However, growth usually comes hand-in-hand with an increase in activity, workload and often overheads.  Before you consider the financial outlay of employing additional staff explore first how CrackerjackPA can help...


We can assist with any executive assistance, general office support or personal assistance tasks that can be so time consuming for you, and such a distraction from actually getting on with what you really want to do; run your business!


We can help with everything from travel itineraries, diary management, conference and event organisation, project management and everything in between.  You'll be hard pushed to find something we can't take off your hands.


We can even act as your Executive Assistant; someone to whom you can delegate management level projects and decision making, becoming as fully integrated into your business as you'd like. Perhaps you need someone to help get an idea off the ground or keep things ticking smoothly while you're away from the office.



Please take a look below for some suggestions of ways in which we can help.  Remember, these are only ideas and we encourage you to give us a call with any tasks that may not be on the list - you may be suprised what we can do...


  • No commitment - expand your team without the overheads

  • Choice of flexible pricing options

  • Reduce your workload and increase your productivity

  • Professionalise your business

  • Get organised

  • Give your business UK presence

  • 24/365 emergency assistance

  • Fully insured

       Diary Management



Give yourself that professional edge with our comprehensive diary management service.  Let us manage and book your appointments, liaising directly with your clients and contacts on your behalf.  We use a Cloud-based system that allows you to view your diary in real time and ensures that you are always up to speed with any new or amended appointments.

       Admin Support



Let us handle your business or personal housekeeping and administration. We can assist you with PowerPoint presentations, document formatting, correspondence, proofreading, data inputting, spreadsheets and much more. Basically, anything that you simply don't have time to do (or would prefer not to) we can take from you and work our magic.

       Dictation & Transcription



Do you love your business but hate the paperwork?  Perhaps your typing skills leave you frustrated and a simple task of preparing a quotation or client correspondence seems to take a lot longer than it should.  Not to worry; simply provide us with a speech recording or hand written document of your typing task and let us quickly and efficiently convert it to a typed document, professionally formatted to a style that is suited to your brand and ready to go.

       Personal Support



Running a busy life can be exhausting: personal diaries and to do lists are often as jam-packed as the most senior board members.  Tasks such as food shopping, household bills, school events, social engagements, organising birthday parties and presents etc can be endless and often get left to the wayside, particularly if you also factor in work commitments and schedules.


We can help by ensuring that your work and personal diaries are fully synchronised making certain that your meetings are never double-booked with school plays, bills are paid on time, the car is serviced, and food shopping is ordered and delivered at a time that suits. 


Allow us to keep your life ticking smoothly so you can get on with living it.

       Internet Research



You may be about to undertake a complex or labour-intensive project that requires a lot of back office support and research.  We can take all this from you so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.  Not only can we assist with formatting documents and creating presentations etc, but we can also compile any necessary research that you may need to reference.

       Client Management



Let us give you an impressive professional edge and extend our services to your clients to ensure that both your schedule and theirs run like clockwork.  


Perhaps you're based abroad or have international clients visiting; allow us to be your representation.  We can assist them with travel arrangements, business itineraries, diary management, administration, restaurant reservations, and much more besides.


We can even put together city information packs to welcome travelling clients to the UK and ensure their stay is as pleasant as it can be.


Your clients will be in safe hands with us.

       Data Inputting



Let us take this often time consuming task off your hands so you can get on with your busy day.  Spreadsheets and databases are returned to you professionally formatted to your taste and in super quick time.

       Conferences and Events



We have arranged everything from AGM's, fund-closing dinners, cocktail and networking events at international conferences to birthday or launch parties, exclusive private fine dining evenings and client entertainment weekends.


One that will always particularly stand out was a weekend of 20 colleagues and clients in Dublin attending U2's 'Vertigo' tour concert followed by a VIP after-party to mark the closing of a multi-million pound property JV.  Another was an extravagant surprise 60th birthday party for a senior member of the board. This included two separate types of live entertainment, fine dining catering, flowers, decoration and a magnificent birthday cake all upon two separate boats on the Thames, one of which was a Tall Ship, which required Tower Bridge to be raised.  A truly unforgettable night.


So you see, there is very little we can't organise! 

       Executive Assistance



We can offer so much more than office support.  Let us help you implement long-term business strategies, working along side you to build your business. We can even represent you at (or accompany you to) key business meetings, manage management level projects and be your eyes and ears to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly while you are away or otherwise focused.


We can become an integral and trusted part of your team, the same as if we were within your full time employment but without the financial commitment or associated overheads. We can work as closely with you as you'd like and can blend all this in with all the usual high-level personal assistance or general office support tasks, ensuring that we know your business inside and out and you maximise our talents and services.


We make our business out of growing yours, and we love getting to grips with new businesses in new markets.

       Email Management



Emails never sleep.  They can ping through all day every day and can be a huge distraction from your busy day, and can often contribute to slowing down your productivity.


Let us help you by managing your inbox.  We can keep an eye on your emails; alerting you to anything urgent or time sensitive, managing and diarising appointments, and actioning anything else we can.

       Project Management



Project management can be time consuming and often mean that your eye is off the ball from other tasks you really should be getting on with.  


Whether it be event management, total rebranding or proof reading your 300-page autobiography we can manage your project from initiation through planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and finally completion.


Be involved or leave it completely to us to manage, either way we can be trusted to execute your project to a high standard and within your required timeframe.

       Travel Arrangements



Whether the nature is personal or business, let us take care of everything and arrange your itineraries from start to finish.  Allow us to get you (and your colleagues, clients or family) door to door by booking transfers, rail links, ferries, scheduled flights, private jets, hotels, villas etc; whatever it takes to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible.


We can even provide you with a comprehensive itinerary filled with every detail you could possibly need to ensure that your trip runs without a hitch and your time on the slopes, by the pool or with your clients is maximised to the full.


For any unexpected eventualities we are only a phone call away to reroute, rebook or sort out any unforeseen amendments to your arrangements no matter what time of day or night.  If you'd like, we'll even call you at 4am to make sure you're on schedule for your airport transfer - this once saved a client from missing his honeymoon!


We can even research your destination and make restaurant reservations, activities, theatre bookings or any other special details on your behalf - nothing is too much trouble.  We have contacts in many cities across the world and so have access to 'inside' information about these destinations.

       Emergency Assistance



We're available 24/7 so should you need urgent help for any business or personal assistance we're only a phone call away.  Whether that's last-minute deadlines, short-notice travel, remote cover for unexpected staff absences, holiday mishaps or indeed any of life's unexpected eventualities let us assist you and relieve the stresses or distractions they may cause.




Client / investor roadshows often involve rather complex schedules that are crammed full to make the most efficient use of everyone's time.  Allow us to take the stress of this away and arrange it all for you, providing you each with a comprehensive itinerary.


We can also compile supporting marketing brochures, information packs, presentations or other documents/materials.  If you really want to impress, we can even create you a promotional video production.

       Everything Else



There's not a chance we can list every single task that an exceptional PA does on a day-to-day basis - every day is different and presents often unique tasks and challenges.


Nothing is ever too much trouble so feel free to be imaginative with your requests - we are used to the weird and wonderful.

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